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A Force of Nature

Crimson and Newsie

Greetings from the island! These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of adventure! From day trips to Anacortes for a day of shopping, to hikes down to the beach, there is always something exciting happening around Decatur. One of the most exciting things to happen, though, was the birth of our little “Newsie,” the beautiful kid to our goat Crimson!

June 23rd started out as a typical, busy Saturday morning; a Saturday Market morning! Every Saturday starting Memorial Day weekend running straight into Labor Day weekend, Decatur Island has a beautiful Saturday Market that runs from 9:30 am – 1:00, and is full of incredible local vendors. From Australian baked goods to hand crafted pottery and hand carved necklaces, there’s a little something for everybody. The store is also open on the day of the market, providing fresh coffees and a hodge podge of both middle eastern goodies and a little bit of everything else, from pantry goods to last minute home project needs. Needless to say, Saturdays tend to be a busy day on the island!

After the market, Ramy and I decided to check on the goats. Crimson, our beautiful red and white Nubian, was a bit overdue, and had been showing some early signs of labor. As we started on our way back, Ramy’s 8 year old daughter Che came running full force in a whirlwind of emotion. “Crimson is starting her labor!” she yelled, and Ramy and I started into full on prep mode. I went into the pen with the goats and Ramy ran to grab all of the gear we would need to help Crimson have the most successful labor possible. Che had two of her friends there with us to help, and a help they were!! We laid down a big blanket for Crimson to lay on, got on our gloves, and helped our sweet goat lay down as comfortably as possible.

Crimson, unfortunately, has a super difficult time laboring, but man oh man is she a forced to be reckoned with. You could she her working so incredibly hard to work through her contractions, and when she started to push, it was incredible. Little Olivia, one of Che’s friends, was the excited little girl who got to catch the little baby! All gloved up, she squatted and had her hands ready as soon as it was time to catch. As soon as that little baby was born, Crimson was ready to be a mama. We brought baby up so that Crimson could see her, and absolute relief was the tangible emotion coming from every one of us. Crimson was so excited, she was licking off the little one and nuzzling her in a way only a mother knows how.

Che, Olivia and Sonya decided that because the baby was black and white, a prefect name for her would be “Newsie.” After all, she is the color of news paper! From the time we started getting set up to start and the time Crimson gave birth, only an hour had passed. We got both Crimson and little Newsie all cleaned up and moved them over to the little grazing area, set them up with some water, and let them recuperate. I went and got myself all cleaned up, and checked on the newest addition to our little island family. The baby is doing incredibly well, and momma is thriving, too!!

-Hannah Jenkins

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