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This island wide event offers something for children of all ages! Set in the backdrop of the picturesque Decatur NorthWest Community, brightly dressed toddlers, excited preteens and competitive spirits who are young at heart, all welcome spring to this enthusiastic Easter event.

The celebration begins as the older children arrive first in order to hide the pastel colored eggs for the toddlers to find. Children 5 years and under are then taken by the hand and invited by the older crowd to discover treasures in the lower garden, behind blossoms and under new foliage.

While the older children are distracted with the toddler discovery in the Lower Garden, several adults strategically hide the eggs along the driftwood and seaweed along the Sylvan Cove Beach.

Before long, the race begins as children of all ages suddenly scour the Cove in a dash of delight.

The Easter Egg Hunting tradition, was started by Kathy & Jim Dunlap in 1995. They were at the time, the beloved caretakers of DNW and a family of 10.

What joy is the celebration of Easter here on Decatur and our Spring pleasure every year!

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