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Decatur Island Beach Retreat

Hang from the trees on this Private Emerald Island Gem! Baby Goat Yoga! Take a plunge with a kayak and enjoy the panoramic views of Mt Baker, Glacier Peak, and the Olympic Peninsula. Hang in an eco-friendly Tentstile Tent over the Rosario Straits. Take part in our children's activities or hike the Deer Trails to a Bird Sanctuary. Try your luck at Crabbing or visit the local vendors at the Decatur Island's "Saturday Artist Market." Shop at Almas Country Store for Novelties, Specialty Items, old-fashioned Milkshakes & Candy. Enjoy Traditional Ottoman Style Turkish Coffee at Eline Saglik Cafe. Connect with yourself & Mother Nature. Rural & Serene. Come away feeling engaged and energized. Explore & Enjoy this Pacific NW Paradise…

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