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Baby Goats & Sheep for sale


We have Long Haired Silky Fainting Goats! (Myotonic) Goats fall to the ground instantaneously, whenever they are startled or over excited. This is a distinguishing trait that has no damaging effects and is in no way harmful to the breed! Fainting goats come in a variety of colors and are smaller than other goats. They are considered a rare breed.

If you have never had a goat as a pet, you should know that goats display some of the best behavioral benefits. They exhibit a quiet, calm, and gentle temperament. To the owner’s advantage, mini fainting goats are also easy to raise and friendly to children. On top of this, these goats are less likely to flee from their home because they are less prone to jumping. This behavior makes them unique and different from other goats. Don't forget about the proven benefits of goat yoga!

Enjoy the best company from these social animals! Goats are hardy animals that will mow your lawn for you! They are also friendly and safe with young children especially if they are properly socialized and treated warmly. In most cases, mini fainting goats are kept as pets. They can also be bred as show animals.


The Nubian Goat of the US was developed in Great Britain of native milking stock and goats from the Middle East and North Africa. Its distinguishing characteristics include large, pendulous ears and a “Roman” nose. Due to their Middle-Eastern heritage, Anglo-Nubians can live in very hot climates and have a longer breeding season than other dairy goats. Considered a dairy or dual-purpose breed, Anglo-Nubians are known for the high butterfat content of their milk, although on average, the breed produces less volume of milk than other dairy breeds. They are fantastic Milking Goats!

The Nubian goat temperament is sociable and outgoing. Because of its elongated ears and sleek body, the Nubian goat is occasionally nicknamed the “Lop-Eared Goat” or “Greyhound Goat.”

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