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Founded in 2000 by Sandra Crosby, Almas Country Store is named after her mother, who was a Tlingit Indian and longtime resident who was born on Decatur. Almas Country Store is a general store providing nostalgic goods of yesteryear as well as specialty items and sundries. Kites, toys, beer, wine, and spirits are also available for purchase. There is a Tiny Library/kids room with free books and popcorn as well as toys to play with.

Island Groceries and Artisan Delicacies

Come and visit our shop where you can find the freshest Island groceries and delicacies.

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Saturday Market

Join us at the Saturday Market from 9:30 AM to 1PM.

Baby Goats & Sheep 

Miniature Long Haired Silky Fainting Goats! We have babies every year!  Our small and well-loved herd comes from world famous award-winning Bell Goats!

First Set:

    - Ewe (Scottish BlackFace) "Diva"

    - Ram (Scottish BlackFace) "General"

Second Set:

Premium Garden Soil

- Garden Soil

- Firewood

- Hay

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